Dutchwest- Catalytic & Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Stove Appalachian Chimney Services LLC

Dutchwest Beautiful simplicity that blends seamlessly with any décor. And, with solid cast iron construction, remarkable state-of-the-art features and outstanding efficiency, you can be sure your DutchWest stove is made with quality you can see – and feel! With options in both catalytic and non-catalytic operation, each with three available sizes, there’s a DutchWest stove designed to meet your heating needs.

Catalytic Wood Burning Stove 

If you’re looking to replace a major portion of your heating needs with a wood stove, catalytic combustion is ideal, featuring:

  • Higher efficiency heat output to help lower fuel costs
  • Longer, more even heat output with thermostatic air control
  • Reduced particulates for a cleaner, more eco-friendly burn

Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Stove 

Ideal for those with less heating demands, non-catalytic stoves are easy to start, operate and maintain, featuring: 

  • Lively flame picture – Easy to use and maintain



Catalytic Wood Burning Stove


Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Stove



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